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The Village Project (Service-Learning) at St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI

This blog contains direct quotes from websites as of 2023. Programs and policies do change, at colleges, from time to time, so please check with the colleges directly to receive any updates. These are not, necessarily, the biggest, best, or most popular programs at the college, but they are the ones that just “caught my eye” as unique, special, interesting, or just plain awesome. They are randomly listed in the blog section of this website. Enjoy!

From the St. Norbert College website, 2023: “The Village Project is an academic service-learning program that first-year education majors participate in through Foundations of Education I: Becoming a Community-Engaged Educator (EDUC 101) and Foundations of Education II: Psychology of Community-Engaged Education (EDUC 102) in order to strengthen their teaching skills, while providing under-represented youth with academic support and positive college role models.

“The program allows Green Bay area students who attend high-poverty schools the opportunity to receive quality academic support, learn from positive role models, and gain perspective on higher education.

“Participants will be volunteering, tutoring or working with youth in the schools as well as completing ongoing training.

“St Norbert students are given the opportunity to:

-Apply academic knowledge to community needs

-Reflect on their capacity to serve as change agents in education

-Work with community partners to close the academic achievement gap

-Understand and value the perspectives of peers, community partners and students

-Identify personal strengths and weaknesses to formulate strategies for improvement”

Latest Impacts

9 after-school program sites served during 8 months of the 2022-2023 school year

113 SNC students participated in VP during the 2021-2022 school year

6,560 total hours served in after-school programs during the 2021-2022 school year

88 percent of elementary students receiving a full tutoring program through Village Project made 1-2.75 years worth of growth in literacy during the 2021-2022 school year

VP Student Quotes

“I liked being in an elementary school and seeing how kids interact with each other. I think that it was interesting to see how kids handle being in different clubs and how they follow directions.” – 2022-2023 volunteer

“I was able to have my own group of 10-15 students that allowed me to get real teaching experiences and learn lessons that I will be able to use in the future” – 2022-2023 staff

“I am very happy with the VP placement I chose because I was able to grow in valuable teaching skills and feel I was making a real, tangible impact on the life of my tutee” – 2022-2023 tutor

“I have gotten to gain more experience and time with the students, while also getting paid for my time. The hours aren’t too long but the memories and connections that I have made with my students are so impactful. Additionally, the YMCA staff is very flexible and understanding with time commitments.” – 2021-2022 staff

“Before coming to St. Norbert college, I had never heard of the concept of growth mindset… I understand after using it when talking to the student I tutor, that it is so important. I will implement process praise over person praise whenever I can. This also has to do with metacognition and self-regulation which is super important. I want to encourage a classroom full of students who know what self-efficacy is and use art as a creative way to help them find that within themselves.” – 2021-2022 tutor

“I show empathy a lot towards students in the program as a lot of kids get hurt during our YMCA after/before school. an example is that in my before school I have a student who is homeless, this student had a hard time making friends on her first day in the program so I made sure to play games with her and connect with her on a level since I too was in a foster care system and had guardians at one point in my life.” – 2021-2021 volunteer

St. Norbert is one of the 31 colleges featured in my new book (click on image for information):

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