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Summer Opportunities for Intellectual Activities (SOFIA) at Monmouth College, Monmouth, IL

Prior to my retirement, I worked for Monmouth College for 27 years in the admissions office. Monmouth has a lot of unique programs and unique traditions, but none quite as “special” as the SOFIA program. Several of my recruits participated in SOFIA, and they all tell me that it was the best freshman experience ever! Making research fun (and receiving a stipend) before they even take their first class? Yes. That’s SOFIA.

Exploring the Metaverse: virtual worlds and the future of the reality

Lichen Biodiversity as a Measure of the Effects of Climate Change

Worm Hunting: Investigating Nematode Diversity at Monmouth College

The Chemistry of Baking

Ancient Technology and Engineering

Build a 6502 Computer

Timeless Typewriters: Community Engagement with Vintage Machines

3D Printing: Beyond the Basics

Counterfeit electronic components detection using a simple circuit

Writing: The Generative Muse

Investigating Metabolic and Fitness Testing

An Intersection of Mathematics, Photography, and Archaeology

Searching for Alien Worlds

Monmouth Constitutional Convention

Virtual Reality: Can Other-Dimensional Experiences Lead to Meaningful Personal Change?

These are all topics for students entering Monmouth in the fall of 2023. Usually 4 or 5 students per topic. SOFIA is by invitation only based on the academic credentials of incoming students. Topics change from year to year. ---V. Peter Pitts, M.A.

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