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Public Health at Moravian University, Bethlehem, PA

This blog contains direct quotes from websites as of today’s date. Programs and policies do change, at colleges, from time to time, so please check with the colleges directly to receive any updates. These are not, necessarily, the biggest, best, or most popular programs at the college, but they are the ones that just “caught my eye” as unique, special, interesting, or just plain awesome. They are randomly listed in the blog section of this website. Enjoy!

From the Moravian University website, 2023: “The mission of the Moravian University Public Health Program is to prepare students to critically analyze systems that influence population health, significantly contribute to public health practice and service, and provide leadership that advances healthy communities. Aligned with the core principles of public health, the program embraces an interdisciplinary approach to achieving health equity and social justice.

“Students majoring in public health can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health or a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Students can also receive a Minor in Public Health. Students majoring or minoring in public health pursue a variety of careers in the fields of epidemiology, biostatistics, public policy and administration, social and behavioral science, global health, public health education, health communication, community health, occupational health and safety, nutrition, mental health, emergency management, environmental health, nursing, social work, and rehabilitation sciences. Students develop competencies and learn valuable skills throughout the public health courses that prepare them for careers in the health professions.”

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