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Actuarial Science at Albion College, Albion, MI

This blog contains direct quotes from websites as of 2023. Programs and policies do change, at colleges, from time to time, so please check with the colleges directly to receive any updates. These are not, necessarily, the biggest, best, or most popular programs at the college, but they are the ones that just “caught my eye” as unique, special, interesting, or just plain awesome. Enjoy!

From the Albion College website, 2023: “At Albion, we offer two options for studying actuarial science, so you can choose the path that best aligns with your interests and goals.

“In our traditional four-year actuarial science program, you’ll complete a specialized bachelor of arts degree in mathematics, with supporting coursework in economics. This track prepares you to complete the first part of the pathway required to become an Associate of the Society of Actuaries (ASA). Many people find successful employment in the field upon completing this degree track.

“Our five-year dual-degree program in actuarial science (DDPAS) offers you the best of both worlds. You’ll receive a solid liberal arts foundation here at Albion and learn from the expertise and experience offered by dedicated actuarial science programs at leading universities. After spending three years at Albion completing our liberal arts core and training in math, computer science and economics, you will then transfer to an approved actuarial science program at a major university, like Michigan State University. There you’ll spend two years preparing to complete the first two parts of the ASA pathway. Upon graduation, you’ll earn both a bachelor’s degree in actuarial science from your transfer school and a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics from Albion College.

“What Will You Learn as an Actuarial Science Student? In both our traditional and dual-degree programs, you’ll prepare for a career helping organizations model uncertainty and respond accordingly. For example, how likely is a certain event and how much will it cost the company? You’ll develop a strong foundation in essential disciplines—mathematics, statistics, computer science and economics. You’ll become familiar with such computational tools as Excel, Python, R, Java, and Mathematica. Our liberal arts core will also expose you to diverse perspectives and make you a better communicator and critical thinker.

“In the four-year program, we’ll prepare you to complete all of the Introductory I part of the ASA Pathway. You’ll satisfy the educational requirements in statistics, economics, accounting, and finance. You’ll be prepared to pass Society of Actuaries (SOA) exams in financial mathematics (FM) exam and probability (P). You will learn a substantial portion of the content on the Investments and Financial Markets (IFM) exam, too!

“In DDPAS, you’ll build your math, computer science and economics foundation here, before transferring to a major university actuarial science program. There, you’ll complete the educational requirements and prepare for the exams for both the Introductory I and II parts of the ASA Pathway. You’ll also build the skills needed to complete most, if not all, of the rest of the pathway and obtain the Associate credential.”

Albion College is one of the featured colleges in my new book (click image for additional information):

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