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St. Norbert Collaborative: Center for Undergraduate Research, De Pere, WI

This blog contains direct quotes from websites as of 2023. Programs and policies do change, at colleges, from time to time, so please check with the colleges directly to receive any updates. These are not, necessarily, the biggest, best, or most popular programs at the college, but they are the ones that just “caught my eye” as unique, special, interesting, or just plain awesome. Enjoy!

From the St. Norbert College website, 2023: “What do Peter Rabbit and Charles Darwin have in common? What are the genetic differences between North American and European invasive snails (Bithynia tentaculata)? How difficult is it to create a square-wheeled bicycle that can race smoothly over a surface? What graphic design elements are essential for creating convincing rock-and-roll concert posters and t-shirts? Why are businesses adopting different environmental practices as they strive to become “green”?

“These are only a few questions that have been investigated at the St. Norbert Collaborative, which provides resources to help you participate in undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activities.

“Undergraduate research allows you to work collaboratively with one or more faculty members on real-world scholarly and creative projects. The benefits of such research are great: building your self-confidence, challenging you to dig deeply in important issues, improving your research and communication skills, and providing the potential for professional publications and presentations.

“Research Opportunities: Research projects involving undergraduate students can begin in several ways, including:

*Faculty-initiated research

*Student-initiated research

*Classroom-initiated research

“Students and faculty members who are involved – or would like to become involved – in collaborative research are encouraged to apply for funding. There are several sources of funding available as follows:

“Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship: The SURF program at St. Norbert College creates a space for authentic and meaningful faculty-student research collaborations. It aims to develop students of promise into well-rounded, independent thinkers by providing guidance as students create scholastic artifacts in an intensive summer program. The SURF program fosters scholarship, vocation and community through scheduled events including weekly professional, social and personal development workshops, frequent scholarship meetings, and daily SURF lunches. These events occur outside specific research done within student-mentor pairs. The SURF program culminates with each student presenting their research artifact at an invited research event. The SURF program is discipline inclusive and values multiple perspectives on scholarship, mentoring and approaches to research.

“Center for Business & Economic Analysis Research Analyst Fellowship:

The Research Analyst Fellowship is an intensive, hands-on research experience where students will apply their academic training and skills to solving real world problems for the broader community. This fellowship is a paid position with a weekly time commitment dedicated toward the work of the Center for Business & Economic Analysis.

“Collaborative Research Grants: The St. Norbert Collaborative offers opportunities in research, scholarship and creative activities for both new and ongoing projects. Funding is available for student-faculty collaborative partnerships in the Summer/Fall and in the Spring.

“Student Academic Travel Grants: The Student Academic Travel Fund is designed to help students defray the cost of participating in academic conferences and competitions. Grants are available for students who attend these events, as well as students who present their original work at academic conferences and competitions.

“Participating in undergraduate research is an essential way to become academically centered in college, and studies suggest that undergraduate research is a central "high-impact practice" that leads to "high quality" academic involvement.”

St. Norbert College is one of the featured colleges in my new book (click image for additional information):

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