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Pre-Art Therapy at Holy Family University, Philadelphia, PA

From “Guest Blogger” Pamela Flynn MFA, Professor of Art and Coordinator of Fine Arts at Holy Family University:

The Pre-Art Therapy program at Holy Family University combines psychology, studio, and art therapy coursework to introduce the student to the field of art therapy. The studio courses cover 2D and 3D mediums so to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be an art therapist. The required psychology courses build a foundation to understand mental health. The art therapy coursework introduces the connections between studio and psychology courses, while highlighting approaches, processes, and ethical considerations of art therapy.  The internship experience places the student in the real world of art therapy.

Holy Family University Pre-Art Therapy is a pre-professional degree that paves the way toward continued study for a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. Holy Family is unique because a pre-art therapy student can begin graduate work at Holy Family during the student’s final year by being part of the 4+2 art therapy graduate program.

The Holy Family University Pre-Art Therapy program is studio art, art therapy and psychology as well as community. The pre-art therapy students are part of the student art community which offers support, friendship and a sense of belonging.---Pamela Flynn MFA


Holy Family University is one of 31 colleges featured in my new book (click image for additional information):

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