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Art Department at Moravian University, Bethlehem, PA

This blog contains direct quotes from websites as of 2023. Programs and policies do change, at colleges, from time to time, so please check with the colleges directly to receive any updates. These are not, necessarily, the biggest, best, or most popular programs at the college, but they are the ones that just “caught my eye” as unique, special, interesting, or just plain awesome. Enjoy!

From the Moravian University website, 2023: “The Moravian University Art Department cultivates a vibrant academic community committed to creative and critical thinking. Our faculty and students share a passion for art as a celebration of the mind’s imaginative and intellectual powers. Art is by nature an interdisciplinary and trans-cultural field that invites students to consider how art reflects and shapes society, politics, ethics, and culture. At Moravian University, art-making is a form of meaning-making that relies on invention, research, and an infinitely curious mind to construct new knowledge, foster self-expression, and explore visual communication. Students are given the opportunity to unleash their creativity through dynamic projects that embrace risk-taking, problem-solving, revision, and self-reflection.

“Working at the forefront of new approaches to teaching, learning, and technology, the Art Department is grounded in strong traditional foundations. Our program lays the groundwork for students to integrate and appreciate art throughout their lives, encouraging leadership in their fields and within the global community. Under the mentorship of our outstanding faculty, our students are provided with a strong, personalized academic major, combined with innovative hands-on learning experiences and opportunities for community engagement and collaboration. The Art Department is committed to providing professional opportunities through our internships; in-house graphic design studio; student teaching; on- and off- campus student exhibitions; visiting guest lectures; study abroad experiences; student-run organizations; and participation in conferences, workshops and presentations.

“Five concentrations or tracks are available: studio art, studio art with photography/media concentration; art history and criticism; art education; and graphic and interactive design. Foundational courses in studio art are the basis for all tracks. Working from observation, students learn technique while developing conceptual strategies. Students utilize a variety of traditional and digital media. Advanced students are eligible to apply for studio space to encourage sustained production of their work. A variety of classes in media-related arts including photography, video, website design, and printmaking are offered; the studio art photography/media concentration allows students to specialize in this area. The study of art history integrated into the studio experience is an essential element for creative and intellectual growth; students may also pursue the track in art history and criticism. Art education students take courses in art and education and spend a semester in supervised student teaching in order to receive Pennsylvania Department of Education teacher certification. Art education activities support and challenge the cognitive, artistic, and social development of all children and adolescents. Studio majors create and develop a cohesive body of work that becomes their thesis, and exhibit their work on and off campus. Graphic and interactive design students pursue advanced coursework that focuses on professional creative work and complete an internship in their field.”

Moravian University is one of the featured colleges in my new book (click image for additional information):

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