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Albion College, small private liberal arts school that delivers big on its promises

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Albion College, small private liberal arts school that delivers big on its promises submitted by Cathy Cole, Vice President for Marketing and Communication, Albion College.

Victoria Fuller, a junior from Madison Heights, Michigan, went to Bishop Foley Catholic High School before deciding to study kinesiology at Albion College. “Bigger schools actually scared me,” Fuller said. “I went to a small high school and wanted the same type of experience for college. I found it at Albion. Everyone here cared and was so personable.”

Fuller is a part of the Lisa and James Wilson Institute for Medicine, the president of her sorority, a First-Year Experience Mentor, a greeter at the Ludington Center and a tour guide for Admission. She loves Albion and all the experiences she has had during her time on campus.

Like Victoria, you are going to love Albion College. Everyone does. Because here, you will join students from around the world on a historic and picturesque campus, encouraged to explore, experience and evolve as Britons. Together, you will join a dynamic campus community that deeply values student-faculty interaction in undergraduate research and learning. Superior applied academic programs, strong campus leadership opportunities and experiential learning opportunities define the Albion experience. 

Jessica Harvey, a first-year student from Hamilton, Michigan, came to Albion with a goal in mind. And each day, she comes closer to achieving it through her educational path, her co-curricular activities with the Wilson Institute and her social activities that keep her busy with her large friend group. “Albion was the best choice I could have made. I would make it again and again. The education I am pursuing here and the way it is delivered — through small class sizes with professors who care about me and who want me to succeed holistically is something I believe I could not get anywhere else.”

Our beautiful campus in southwest Michigan hums with life throughout the year, but particularly while classes are in session. With 19 varsity athletic teams, more than 100 vibrant student organizations and boundless opportunities to grow, stretch and learn, you will augment your education with many ways to develop the soft skills necessary to succeed today. And our campus is committed to celebrating the diversity of people, cultures and ideas that make college a life-changing experience for our students. 

With these values as our foundation, Albion is a college on the move, a college with a story to tell and a college with life-changing opportunities to offer students like you. If you will bring Albion College your talents, ideas, passions and, most of all, your commitment to working hard, we will offer you a future-proof education.

Especially through our five centers and institutes — made up of a closely knit group of highly motivated students, faculty and staff — provide you with an opportunity to examine your interests in a hands-on learning environment while giving you the skills, experience and knowledge you need to do anything, go anywhere and be successful. Even to outer space with astronaut alumnus Josh Cassada, ’95.

Cassada, our first Albion college graduate in space, is preparing to explore where no Brit has gone before. The former physics major, now NASA astronaut, was the pilot of the DragonX Crew-5, who recently spent 157 days aboard the International Space Station. While at Albion studying Physics, Josh made the most of the opportunities offered as part of his liberal arts education and built a solid foundation from which to launch and land among the stars.

Whether your focus is business, public policy, racial equality, medicine or the environment, the institutes and centers give you a way to accelerate your future. Each institute and center welcomes students regardless of degree path. Gain access to assistance with career exploration, graduate school admission and the advantage of a lifelong alumni network.

Liam Rappleye, a sophomore majoring in English with a professional writing emphasis from Grand Haven, Michigan, has certainly arrived on campus. Within six weeks of taking a staff writer position on the Pleiad, the Albion College student newspaper, he was offered a summer internship at Detroit Free Press, one of two flagship newspapers in the city of Detroit. He was named editor-in-chief of the Pleiad for the 2022-23 academic year.

“If you really want to learn something — and be able to apply what you learn to the world, this is the place for you. Nels Christensen [a well-known and popular English professor] has to be experienced. There are cool people here who teach you things.”

Your education is not the prescribed, prepacked, predestined, run-of-the-mill education that follows a path, with these five classes this semester and those five classes that semester — ad infinitum. At Albion College, we’ll help you deconstruct the liberal arts education so you can create the education you need to be future proof. Here, you can be a music major who is also in the Wilson Institute for Medicine, President of the Student Senate, the starting pitcher for softball, a student advocate in the Anna Howard Shaw Center for Gender Equity and a volunteer in the observatory. You can be any combination of parts of the liberal arts. Deconstruct our programs and construct your future. 

Victoria did, “Coming into college, you have one path you think you should follow. At Albion, I started down that path but discovered quickly I was meant for another. By not following the first path, I have become such a better person and much more fulfilled.”

At Albion College, you will get a solid education in the classroom from faculty who want you to learn and grow. It will be enhanced by study abroad trips to England, Vienna and more, as well as internships at Fortune 500 companies, the 25,000-acre farm down the road or the physician’s office right across the street. You will learn in the classroom today what you will be able to use for a lifetime of tomorrows. And you will be supported and guided by staff who are invested in you, your future and your personal goals and outcomes. Alumni will spend time with you along the way and after you graduate, helping you understand the value of your Albion degree long after you leave the Quad behind.

We invite you to visit and experience Albion for yourself. You will see what Victoria, Liam, Jessica and Josh mean when they say there is no other place for an undergraduate degree. We’ll be waiting.

Albion College invests in your academic future

Our mission is to assist students and their families in planning for and meeting their educational expenses at Albion College while supporting the College’s recruitment and retention goals. We strive to provide exceptional service while ensuring that financial aid dollars are administered with the highest level of fiduciary responsibility.

Last year, we provided support to 100 percent of Albion College students.

When you apply to Albion College, we’ll want to hear all about your strengths and accomplishments. Then we’ll determine what types of aid you may be eligible for at Albion. That may include academic and talent-based scholarships, grants, low-interest loans and campus work opportunities. Working together, our financial services team will help you build the most robust financial aid package possible. We will help

you and your family find the resources to make an Albion education possible. And we’ll help create a complex process and translate it into terms that make sense to you.

With your financial aid offer, you’ll receive a guide to help you understand your offer from Albion, provide you with the starting point to developing your own personal Albion Financing Plan, and navigate you through the first steps in paying your bill. And, of course, we are always in the office, at the other end of the phone, chat or messaging service to help.

When you apply to Albion College, you become family. Our investment in you is much more than financial; it is about your success academically, socially, spiritually and as a human being. We care about you — the whole you.

Albion College majors and programs

Accounting, major and minor

Actuarial Science, program

Anthropology, major and minor

Anthropology/Sociology, major and minor

Applied Mathematics, minor

Area Studies, minor

Art History, major and minor

Biochemistry, major and minor

Biology, major and minor

Business, major

Cell And Molecular Biology, minor

Chemistry, major and minor

Communication Studies, major and minor

Computer Science, major and minor

Data Analytics, minor

Earth Science, major

Economics and Management, major and minor

Economics, major and minor

Education, Elementary And Secondary/K-12, concentration

Educational Studies, minor

Engineering Dual-Degree program

English, major and minor

Environmental Biology, minor

Environmental Geology, minor

Environmental Science, concentration

Environmental Science, major

Environmental Studies, concentration

Environmental Studies, major

Ethnic Studies, major and minor

Exercise Science, major and minor

Finance, major and minor

French Language and Culture for the Professions, major and minor

French, major and minor

Gender Studies, minor

Geographic Information Systems, minor

Geology, major and minor

German Language and Culture for the Professions, major and minor

German, major and minor

Health Communication, minor

History, major and minor

Human Services, concentration

Individually Designed, major

Integrated Marketing Communication, major

International Studies, major

Law, Justice and Society, concentration

Marketing Management, major and minor

Mathematics, major and minor

Mathematics/Economics, interdepartmental major

Mathematics/Physics, interdepartmental major

Music, major

Neuroscience, concentration

Paleontology, minor

Philosophy, major and minor

Physics, major and minor

Political Science, major and minor

Post-Bacc Certificate in Premedical Studies

Predental, program

Prehealth, program

Prelaw, program

Premedical, program

Prenursing, program

Prephysical Therapy, program

Preveterinary Medicine program

Psychological Science, major and minor

Public Health, concentration

Public Policy and Service, Concentration

Public Policy, major

Religious Studies, major and minor

Sexuality Studies, minor

Sociology, major and minor

Spanish Language and Culture for the professions, major and minor

Spanish: Latin American and Latino/A Studies, major and minor

Spanish, major and minor

Sport Communication, major and minor

Statistics, minor

Studio Art, major and minor or Teaching English As A Second Language Minor

Theatre, major and minor

Transnational Studies, minor

Value Theory, minor

Women’s Studies, minor

Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, major

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